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​​​Have a large group, family reunion, birthday party, or want a more exclusive, private experience?
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Come join us on Turtle Hill where zipline rides, outdoor games, picnic areas with grills, nature trails, hammocks, swings, native plants and wildlife await to unleash the inner child in you! 



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Ziplines, trails, swings, grills.....


The Three Toed Box Turtle

*All pictures taken at Turtle Hill!*

Welcome to Turtle Hill Eco-Park, where we combine serious fun with getting in touch with nature and learning in a fun, friendly, laid back atmosphere where you can reduce your impact on the world around you in fun and innovative ways.  Come for the Ziplines, hang out for the games and swings, picnic areas and great views, and if you're not careful, you might learn something in the process! We are totally off the grid and strive to make Turtle Hill as eco-friendly as possible while always emphasizing 



                WHY ZIPLINES?

We fell in love with the property behind our home years ago.  The fantastic lake views, the abundant wildlife and unspoiled state of Turtle Hill are a natural oasis filled with beauty coupled with the sense of being in an exclusive hidden gem of the Ozarks. We have enjoyed Turtle Hill as our own private park for years and wanted to share the joy it brings to us with others. We were looking for a way to utilize our entrepreneurial drive, environmentally "green" conscience and a good deal of "DIY" knowledge and skills to create an atmosphere where NATURE, FUN, and EDUCATION are the top priorities. Constructing zip lines fit in perfectly with our goal of minimal disruption of the natural environment while preserving and enhancing the beauty of Turtle Hill.  Exploring nature and appreciation of a more natural, sustainable way of living will hopefully lead to more concern and action to preserve these beautiful areas for future generations.
Turtle Hill is the largest undeveloped second-tier property (approximately 15 acres) on a point on the main channel of Lake of the Ozarks this close to Bagnell Dam (3 Mile Marker) and is surrounded by water on three sides.  Ziplines are just the first phase of our plans, which include adding limited primitive camping sites in the near future, and construction of a few "Earthship" style cabins. Everything at Turtle Hill Eco-Park is and will be completely "off the grid", and we hope to teach others that preservation, conservation and green power sources coupled with ingenuity can be applied to almost everyone's situation to reduce our individual impact, and save money in the process!  When the final phase is completed, Turtle Hill Eco-Park will illustrate the benefits of wind power, solar power, human power, catching and using rainwater, and building super-efficient structures with repurposed and reused materials, all while having fun!

We hope that you will enjoy Turtle Hill as much as we do,

and make it your private park at the Lake!   

fabulous fauna, phenomenal flora, fantastic furry friends

Wildlife, Wildlife, Wildlife

Pictures on the left show just a select few of the local wild inhabitants, including the not so wild Coco, the Wonder Hound, and Bob Barker, our lick and bark greeter rescue dogs. Seeing this type of wildlife on a daily basis only deepens our drive to maintain and preserve this unique area.

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